Borehole Water Supplies

A fantastic asset to any Business, Farm or property. Contact Hydroserve to arrange your site survey. The normal process following enquiry is:

  • Site Survey
  • Borehole construction
  • Water analysis
  • Installation of Pumping system and (where necessary) Water Treatment

Hydroserve specialise in the construction, service and maintenance of Borehole Water Supplies.

From large-scale industrial water plants and mineral water bottling plants to garden centres, dairy farms and domestic properties, we install Boreholes that provide abundant supplies of excellent quality water to our customers.

From the first contact, Hydroserve takes care of everything from the site survey and Borehole design and construction to the installation of Borehole pumps, filtration systems and water analysis.

We do it all, to provide our customers and their businesses with a reliable supply of clean water, pure and natural.

We Only Work with the Best

After being in the private water supply game for as long as we have, it goes without saying that we know which Borehole pumps and components will benefit our customers the most. Hydroserve Ltd only aligns ourselves with market-leading, high-quality products, the advantages of which we can pass onto you. These include:

  • Pedrollo’s 3SR Submersible Borehole Pumps

    Pedrollo’s 3SR Submersible Bolehole Pumps boast hydraulic components, which, when coupled with a high-performance electric motor, make the pump extremely efficient.

    Advantages, such as economic savings on the use of water due to the high efficiency and the subsequent reduced electricity consumption, benefit the customer. Thanks to the pump only being 3 inches in diameter, the costs of drilling a new well and installation are significantly reduced.

    The reliability and efficiency of the product make it ideal for fulfilling industrial and domestic requirements alike.

  • Proquip’s Boreline Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN) Couplings

    Proquip’s Boreline GRN couplings are the flexible hose we attach the Borehole pumps to. Created using cutting edge engineering plastics and advanced manufacturing processes, these hoses are cost-effective alternatives to stainless steel – without compromising on performance.

    Conveniently, the Boreline hose coupling system is able to take the full weight of itself, the Borehole pump, motor, cable and water so doesn’t need any support ropes or wires. The result? Swift and seamless installation of a light-weight product that is fully resistant to corrosion, scaling and biological growth. The 5-year warranty and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Approval are welcomed bonuses!

  • Boode PVC Water Well Screen and Casings Systems

    Comprising of high-quality, lead-free PVC compounds complete with the strongest threaded and solvent weld connections on the market, Boode’s Screen and Casing is as cost-effective as it is durable and strong. These features also make installation fast, simple and inexpensive. Don’t just take our word for it, this product is fully approved to WRAS, KIWA and Regulation 31 standards.

Boorehole drilling

An Investment You Can Trust

Borehole drilling You don’t always necessarily want the cheapest Borehole pumps available on the market. You want the solution that’s going to offer you and your business the best investment and ensure the long-term viability of your private water supply.

Hydroserve uniquely offers a Build/Own/Operate/Maintain (BOOM) service for industrial and commercial Borehole/Groundwater Supplies with no risk or capital expenditure needed from you.

Whether you’re engaging us because you’re looking for a cost-effective private water supply for your business, or are interested in undertaking some home Water Well Drilling, the chances are the world of Boreholes and Water Treatment will be all new to you. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering a wholesome service as well as wholesome water supplies, with our experienced, skilled and reliable engineers ready to answer any questions and address any concerns you have, big or small.

Borehole or Mains Water?

For factories, farms or businesses, Borehole’s can be a more cost-effective solution, and can even be run at a fraction of the cost of Mains Water supplies, especially when supplied on a Build/Own/Operate/Maintain (BOOM) basis.

Borehole or Spring Supply?

As Borehole Water Supply Specialists, we believe our Boreholes provide greater consistency, reliability and a more ‘wholesome’ water supply than their spring water counterparts generally. However, many springs lack the concentrations of substances like Iron and Manganese that water well borehole supplies on the same land encounter.

How much does it cost?

Typically, our costs for installing a Borehole Water Supply start at: £12,500 + VAT for Domestic supplies, £15,000 + VAT for Agricultural supplies and £20,000 + VAT for Commercial and Industrial supplies. However, many factors, like target depth requirements, will influence the price and may need budgeting for.

Other Services

BOOM Water Systems

Hydroserve can provide a unique service to supply Industrial users with Water supply and Wastewater treatment solutions with no risk or capital expenditure required from the client. This approach offers clients guaranteed and measurable cost savings against their existing main water supply and wastewater treatment costs.

Water Treatment

Due to concentrations of naturally occurring organics such as Iron and Manganese, many private water supplies require specialist treatment in order to ensure they are within specifications set by the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Service and Maintenance

The Service and Maintenance of Private Water Supplies (whether Borehole or Spring source) is crucial to ensuring a continuous supply of clean, wholesome water.