Borehole Water Supply Vs Mains Water

Mains water comes at a seemingly ever-increasing cost. If you run a factory, farm or any other business you will no doubt be well aware of the costs (typically well over £1 per cubic metre in most areas of the United Kingdom) and be interested in an alternative source of water for your requirements.

Borehole Water Supply Advantages for Industrial and Agricultural Customers

Boreholes can be the solution depending on your location and water usage requirements. This is something we can help you look into with a feasibility report. For industrial customers, we can also, in many cases, supply water to you on a ‘BOOM’ (Build/Own/Operate/Maintain) basis at a fraction of the cost of Mains Water, with no risk to your business and no initial capital expenditure required.

Domestic Customers

For domestic users, we’d love to say that our Water Wells is always a better option than Mains Water, but this wouldn’t necessarily be true. It pays to have a good look at what your Mains connection costs would be, add in the annual costs and then compare and contrast with Borehole costs. We, of course, can help you with this process.

Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you honestly compare Borehole Water Supply costs to that of Mains Water to make sure you find the right solution for you.