BOOM Costsaver Water Supplies

The costsaver systems we Build/Own/Operate/Maintain include but are not limited to:

  • Borehole/Groundwater Supplies
  • Filtration and Softening Plants
  • Arsenic Removal
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Membrane Bio Reactor
  • Wastewater treatment

Hydroserve can provide a unique service to supply industrial users with a water supply and wastewater treatment solutions with no risk or capital expenditure required from the client. This cost-saving approach conveniently offers clients guaranteed and measurable Borehole water cost and Water Treatment savings against their existing main water supply and wastewater treatment costs.

This is subject to your usage meeting certain criteria, which is ascertained by a free feasibility study. This criteria considers how much water you use, what you intend to use your water for, the grade of your water and your process requirements.

reverse osmosis system, large industrial water treament and boiler room

Who We Supply

We have vast experience of supplying water and wastewater treatment solutions on a costsaver ‘BOOM’ basis to a range of companies, including:

Systems Our Costsaver BOOM Service Can be Applied to:

The systems we Build/Own/Operate/Maintain include but are not limited to:

Contact us to arrange your free feasibility study and see how we can reduce your Borehole water cost and Water Treatment expenses.

Is There Any Initial Financial Outlay Required from My Company?

No. Hydroserve finance all elements of the works; feasibility study, borehole construction, pumping system installation, water analysis and water treatment. The client only pays for water used per cubic metre as per the terms of the supply agreement.

How Much Money Could My Company Save?

Typically, our BOOM Costsaver systems are based on 50% off your mains water cost per cubic metre. So, typically, you can halve your mains water supply costs. This means that if your monthly expenditure on mains water is £5000, you could reduce this to £2500. Over a year that’s £30,000 saved.

Is There Any Financial Risk to My Business?

No. If we drill and don’t find water or if the water quality doesn’t meet the agreed specification then you pay nothing. Assuming we do find water and treat it satisfactorily then your savings are guaranteed and measurable.

Other Services

Borehole Water Supplies

Hydroserve specialise in the construction, service and maintenance of Borehole Water Supplies. From domestic properties to Dairy Farms, Mineral water bottling plants to Garden Centres, we install boreholes that provide abundant supplies of excellent quality water to our customers.

borehole water supply

Water Treatment

Due to concentrations of naturally occurring organics such as Iron and Manganese, many private water supplies require specialist treatment in order to ensure they are within specifications set by the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Service and Maintenance

The Service and Maintenance of Private Water Supplies (whether Borehole or Spring source) is crucial to ensuring a continuous supply of clean, wholesome water.