Looking to Save Money for Your Factory or Business? In Need of a New Water Supply for Your Farm or Property?

Hydroserve Ltd’s nationwide Borehole Water Supply solutions could help you significantly reduce your water bills. We can also help you to reduce your total water usage. Whether you’re a commercial, agricultural or domestic customer Hydroserve has the experience and expertise to provide the Water Supply & Treatment services you require, throughout the United Kingdom.

Uniquely, we can finance a range of high-quality Boreholes and associated supply and treatment systems offering you a cost-effective route to a private water supply for your business. We’re proud to offer industrial customers water systems on an exclusive BOOM (Build/Own/Operate/Maintain) basis with no risk or capital expenditure required.

Our private water supply services go beyond Boreholes and water treatment. We empower your business to drive your water usage down, further saving costs as well as water in innovative ways.
Our commercial, agricultural and domestic customers alike depend on our experienced and skilled engineers, on our expertly designed and installed low-maintenance private water supplies, on the reliable products and components we install, and on our efficient service, maintenance and emergency response cover. They depend on us, and you can depend on us, too.

borehole water supply

Borehole Water Supplies

Hydroserve specialise in the construction, service and maintenance of Borehole Water Supplies. From domestic properties to Dairy Farms, Mineral water bottling plants to Garden Centres, we install boreholes that provide abundant supplies of excellent quality water to our customers.

BOOM Water Systems

Hydroserve can provide a unique service to supply Industrial users with Water supply and Wastewater treatment solutions with no risk or capital expenditure required from the client. This approach offers clients guaranteed and measurable cost savings against their existing main water supply and wastewater treatment costs.

Water Treatment

Due to concentrations of naturally occurring organics such as Iron and Manganese, many private water supplies require specialist treatment in order to ensure they are within specifications set by the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Service and Maintenance

The Service and Maintenance of Private Water Supplies (whether Borehole or Spring source) is crucial to ensuring a continuous supply of clean, wholesome water.