Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance of:

  • Pumps, filtration and purification equipment
  • Borehole and spring supplies
  • Water analysis
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Emergency Call outs
  • Specialist spares

Dairy cows drinking water, Hydroserve help agricultural customers maintain their water supplyThe Service and Maintenance of Private Water Supplies (whether Borehole or Spring source) is crucial to ensuring a continuous supply of clean, wholesome water for businesses and homes alike.

Hydroserve provides a comprehensive range of Service and Maintenance schedules to meet your specific requirements.

Our Service and Maintenance schedules are backed-up by our proficient Technical Support and Emergency Response team.

We service, maintain and respond accordingly to ensure our commercial, agricultural and domestic customers’ water supplies operate safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Please get in touch to find out more about our water purification systems and service and maintenance scheudles

How Often Will My Borehole Water Supply System Require Servicing?

The integral components of a borehole water supply, such as pumping and treatment systems, will require, in most cases, annual inspection and service. These works can be carried out by our dedicated service team on a planned maintenance schedule at your convenience, with minimal disruption to your water supply.

How Long Will My Submersible Borehole Pump Last?

This depends on factors but as a general guide, we advise that a submersible borehole pump, when selected to the correct specification/duty and installed in accordance with best practice, will have an average longevity of around seven years.

What Happens If I Have a Breakdown?

With the best will in the world, there is the potential for something unexpected that causes interruption to your water supply. Should this happen, you can rely on Hydroserve to respond to get your commercial, agricultural or domestic water supply back up and running as quickly as possible.


Other Services

Borehole Water Supplies

Hydroserve specialise in the construction, service and maintenance of Borehole Water Supplies. From domestic properties to Dairy Farms, Mineral water bottling plants to Garden Centres, we install boreholes that provide abundant supplies of excellent quality water to our customers.

borehole water supply

BOOM Water Systems

Hydroserve can provide a unique service to supply Industrial users with Water supply and Wastewater treatment solutions with no risk or capital expenditure required from the client. This approach offers clients guaranteed and measurable cost savings against their existing main water supply and wastewater treatment costs.

Water Treatment

Due to concentrations of naturally occurring organics such as Iron and Manganese, many private water supplies require specialist treatment in order to ensure they are within specifications set by the Private Water Supply Regulations.