Borehole or Spring Water Supply?

We are Borehole water supply specialists, but we have carried out a wide range of works on all forms of private water supplies, including springs, over the last 30 years. For more information on how a natural spring water supply is formed click here. Otherwise, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Spring Water Supplies compared to their Borehole counterparts.

Spring Supply Cons

Spring supplies can range from trickles of water that fluctuate seasonally (and often dry up entirely in dry spells) to large volume supplies of water that run reliably and consistently and don’t seem to be adversely affected either by lack of rainfall or heavy rainfall. However, in our experience we do find normally across the range of spring supplies we work on, a greater vulnerability to bacteriological contamination than a properly constructed water well/Borehole water supply.

Spring Supply Pros

That being said, and in the interests of balance and fairness, many springs don’t have the concentrations of harmful or impure substances such as Iron and Manganese that water well Borehole supplies on the same land can encounter.

Borehole Water Supply Pros

We do believe as a company that our Water Wells give greater consistency and reliability, and a more ‘wholesome’ supply of water than their spring water counterparts generally, but not without exception.

Again, if you have a spring, we can help you assess its viability, both with regard to water quality and volume.