What Are the Most Common Borehole Water Quality Problems?

The quality problems in your Borehole water supply depends primarily on where in the UK you are. Iron, Manganese and hardness (calcium and magnesium content) are issues that we regularly encounter in Borehole water supplies. These and other naturally occurring metals are easily treatable in most cases and we can often address multiple water quality issues with one treatment, to simplify operation and maintenance of your water supply system.

Why We Recommend Ultraviolet Purification Systems Are Included in Private Water Supply Installations

In addition to this, as a matter of course we install Ultraviolet Purification systems on all domestic Borehole water supplies. This is to safeguard the water supply against bacteria. A properly constructed, grouted and sealed Borehole water supply should be free from bacteria but we always advise that Ultraviolet Purification systems are included in a private water supply installation as they provide a high level of safety and protection in the unlikely event that bacteria is ever encountered in the water supply.

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