Will My Borehole Water Supply Ever Run Dry?

This is a Question that we- understandably- get asked a lot. And like with a lot of Answers, it is very difficult (well, it’s impossible) to categorically say that this couldn’t, theoretically, happen.

However, and here is the good news, in our 30 plus years experience this has not happened to us. Yes we have had problems with flow into and out of boreholes but typically these are caused by build up of naturally occurring metals such as Iron and Manganese restricting flow of water into the Borehole, or sometimes they can clog in the submersible borehole pump or pipe which has the same effect of restricting flow. These build ups and their subsequent effects can be, generally speaking, avoided by ‘good housekeeping’ i.e annual service and maintenance. That said, if we ever do experience a problem as a result of restricted flow from ‘mineral crusting’ in a well or the water supply infrastructure we can quickly remove this with our ‘Well Rehabilitation’ techniques such as safe chemical dosing and airlifting.

As far as a borehole water supply literally ‘drying up’ is concerned, this hasn’t happened to us and we have drilled and constructed hundreds over a long, long time in the business.