Renovating A Rural Property And Need A Water Supply?

If you’re thinking about converting a barn or a rural property there are several things to take into account. Many rural properties are ‘off-grid’ meaning they are not connected to Utilities such as mains water. Distance from the main pipeline network can make connection to the mains water supply extremely expensive. Old, rural properties are often fed (or have been at some point) by spring supplies but sometimes these fall into disrepair, are contaminated or suffer from unreliable flow.

Private Water Supplies with Hydroserve

Hydroserve has vast experience of installing our state-of-the-art borehole water supply systems at properties such as these. Our borehole water supplies are a real asset to any property old or new. Your own clean, wholesome, abundant and reliable water supply system on your own land. Good quality water from beneath your own property, pressurised and treated to suit your requirements, an asset that if looked after correctly will serve you and your property’s needs for life! Your own borehole water supply is an investment that adds security, comfort and pleasure to your family & home’s future.