GRP Building ‘Bore-Home’

Introducing our specialist ‘Bore-Home’ GRP Cabinets!


A key consideration of any Borehole and Water Treatment Project is where to house the necessary plant and components. Often there is not a suitable existing location in which to install this equipment.

With this in mind Hydroserve developed the ‘Bore-Home’ range of enclosures through our fabrication partners.

These GRP ( Glass Reinforced Plastic) units are ideal for withstanding the elements whilst providing secure protection to the plant equipment housed inside.



All the units we install feature:

. Stainless Steel Hinges

. Stainless Steel Locking System

. IP54 Protection against dust, liquid and impact

. 30 minutes fire resistance

. Wall Mounted Thermostat Heater

. Additional Insulation

. Lighting

. Stand-alone Electrical Consumer Unit








The GRP units are available in a range of sizes and can even

be made ‘bespoke’ to fit your unique site/property requirements.

Where possible, we also use the ‘Bore-Home” units to house the Borehole well-head, avoiding the requirement for a secondary manhole chamber for the borehole itself.

In a nutshell, Hydroserve’s ‘Bore-Home’ GRP units are the perfect housing for your Borehole/Water Treatment  System requirements.