Will My Water Have Chlorine in It?

For domestic supplies (and most commercial and agricultural supplies too) the answer is no, there you won’t have chlorine in tap water or in your supply.

For Domestic Water Supplies…

Chlorine is used in mains water supplies to disinfect supply pipelines. It can often leave an unpleasant taste and smell in the water. We use Ultraviolet Disinfection systems in all domestic supplies to safeguard our Borehole water supply systems against the unlikely event of bacteria being encountered and this treatment leaves no taste or odour in the water.

For Industrial Water Supplies…

On some industrial water supplies, we dose a safe level of sodium hypochlorite into the water to assist with other treatment processes. We can then remove the chlorine, for instance by using Activated Carbon media, before the water reaches points of use, or prior to other treatment processes such as Reverse Osmosis.

To discover more about our Water Treatment services and how we combat problems such as removing chlorine in tap water and supplies, simply get in touch and we’ll happily to help answer any questions that you have.